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The Company Profiling Tool takes approx 10 mins to complete. 
Get prepared by having the below items to hand for reference.
Investment Memorandum
Have your Investment Memorandum (IM) ready, you might need to refer to it.

If you only have an investment deck or pitch deck available, it will be important that you start building a IM for your business. The IM goes into much more detail about the investment opportunity, market size, marketing approach etc.

Investors will often want to see your Investment Memorandum once you've got them excited by your Pitch Deck.
Investment Memorandum


Invesment Memorandums are long versions of the Pitch Deck, detailing what, when and how you are going to use the investment.
Pitch Decks


Pitch decks are a straight to the point, no fluff, no tech speak light weight presentations to wet the appetite of investors. 
Investment Required
Equity Shareholding
Exit value / EBITDA
Market Traction
Cash Injected
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